Life of Dan

For me, if I’m not smiling, I’m not working... If I haven’t got a lunch meeting every day, I’m not doing my job properly. If you are reading this and I haven’t bought you lunch yet - then it’s you that is not doing your job properly.

For those who know me - 99% of the time I am talking absolute bollocks. But the remaining 1% I guarantee will be growing your business... Unless you are an exhibition furniture company - I am terrible at selling exhibition furniture. 

Business Growth is an easy sell. There aren’t many MD’s that would say that they are perfectly happy with where they are currently at and the offer of growth is simply not necessary or appealing.

Of course I’ve met:

...the ‘hand shake on a Friday, and leave the country on a Monday never to be seen again’ type (it must be me).

...the ‘Win a blue chip client within a week of working on the project to then have no budget to carry on’ type (it must be me).

...the ‘we provide X service in negotiations, to X, Y and Z services when sat in front of clients’ type (that definitely isn’t me)

I’ve also been asked to pay a client back after 1 month... (this still makes me laugh - I paid!) 


I’ve also met the great ones. The believers. The realistic. The patient. And for these - we have a fantastic time and deliver, together - again and again.

Lid is a network of brilliant people all pulling together - to help companies grow... ironically, (it’s a good job really) Lid Project Ltd is also growing at a ridiculous rate and the people we are getting on board are MUCH better than me (luckily it was my idea).  

So come and get amongst it!
— Dan :)




We are essentially a network, bringing like-minded people together. We know, (through plenty of testing and measuring) that the more we are out and about - meeting and collaborating with people the more we organically grow our network ultimately building both our project and client base -  in a range of different sectors.

At every given opportunity, we are thinking of others - how we can promote other clients, the questions we can ask that lead to beneficial conversations for all parties. We are looking for the value in all discussions, on our clients behalf.  With each partnership comes a new thread of conversations that impact upon all collaborations - an opportunity to share the love!

As our business grows the sales of other organisations - we have organically been referred, recommended and re-booked. Our client base and the projects which we are working on is growing each month. It is with this in the forefront of our minds that we are adding to the Lid Project team - most recently, with Daneille Guthrie. Daneille joins us to work on all things events and new business related. She comes from a strong events background with a passion for sporting events. We are excited for everybody to meet her and to get her stuck into our existing projects!

If you would like to know more about how your business can slot into our network, get in touch today at