Remote working



At Lid Project our teams time is spent travelling between our office, our clients offices and working remotely. 

We like to work side by side with our clients, meaning that we can keep a close track of their requirements in order to provide a winning service. We also just love being on the ground, doing what we each do best - as individually, we have very different skill sets that match the needs of each particular client. 

We find that we work best when we are out and about making real life connections, strategically placing ourselves in the thriving hubs of engagement. As a small business with some LARGE personalities, we do well by getting in front of people to make that long lasting face-to-face impact. 


Working remotely however does not come without its struggles, so here are our top tips for keeping motivations level at 100%:


  1. TO-DO LISTS ARE LIFE: A task within itself, the to-do list can keep you focused throughout the day. If you get into a consistent rhythm of checking off completed projects, there is a sense of  fulfilment at the end of the day to know exactly what you’ve achieved. 
  2. FINDING WHAT WORKS FOR YOU: Whether that’s coffee shops, parks (when the weather is as glorious as it is now), gyms or hotel lobbies. There’s a basic set of requirements that you need to be successful whilst working remotely and this never changes - Niggling questions that are constantly in the back of our minds: Where is the nearest plug socket? Can I leave my stuff on the table while I go and get another drink? Where’s the bathroom? It’s all worth it though when you realise that you’ve found the perfect location…where the complimentary water is infused with cucumber and the place is littered with plug sockets!
  3. BACK TO BASE: Keeping in touch with one another is key - with us bouncing around here, there and everywhere our weekly team meeting grounds us and puts all of the hard work we have done over the week, into crystal clear perspective. 
  4. LEARN TO DISCONNECT: Although the banter on our work WhatsApp group is never ending - we all need to switch off at some point in order to be revived and refreshed for the following day to continue the RISE AND GRIND cycle. 


We would love to know your secrets to working remotely and how we can potentially work with your business, so get in touch

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