What are you saying about IGTV?


What are you saying about IG TV?

IGTV launched last week in San Francisco - you might have seen the new colourful little icon with a million prompts to check out the new feature. If you haven’t, it’s basically a video hub that allows users to upload long-form videos lasting 60 minutes with the aim to steer content creators away from Youtube, keeping them on the Instagram platform.

It has channels, just like real TV – which directly correlates with all the statistics coming to light at the moment that the younger generations just aren’t watching that much TV and instead, are spending more time on their mobile devices. This platform is MOBILE FIRST and will also be available as a stand-alone app (just to let you dive deep into that Instagram addiction even more).

Forbes have reported that it is no surprise that Instagram is moving further into longer-form content. After the launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016 there has been a sharp rise in user growth and usage with active daily users going from less than 20% in October 2016 to more than 60% in September 2017 – it’s a great tool for posting additional, more personable content that you don’t want on your perfectly, strategically planned out Instagram feed. But IGTV takes the experience to another level with the idea that more engaging and emotional content will be created (R.I.P Youtube and Vimeo). 

We have seen some mixed reviews so far about IGTV… one of our favourites was somebody claiming that Instagram is run by the illuminati with a plan to take over all of our lives. 

But in conclusion, this is what we think: 

1: We LOVE Instagram and now we can create and share an even wider range of content for our existing base of followers to enjoy. We are able to use our channel to reach out to audiences for a number of existing fashion and event projects that we have coming up in a new, exciting format. 

2: IGTV will be the new love of influencers and celebrities and those that just want to create content! It is reported that IGTV will offer a link out option so creators can drive traffic to their other social platforms as well as their websites and online stores – so it really is a no brainer for people that have previously made a living from Youtube. We are intrigued to see how the influencers and branded clients that we work with will utilise this sparkling new feature. 

So, all-in-all we are team IGTV. We are soon to be launching our channel with a massively exciting project that we have been working on this year, so keep your eyes firmly on us!

The question is will you be launching your IG TV channel? Let us know if you are planning on using it/ or not and your reasons why?

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