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You may have seen us posting about an event called MOVE IT! recently. We have been getting a lot of response about it on our social platforms so we have brought it over to our blog to give you the scoop on how you can get involved. We are thrilled to be working with the organisers on their 2019 event, we attended last year and it did not disappoint - we were blown away with the talent that was showcased, but most of all the complete buzz about the place. (Gemma had been at the venue less than 30 minutes before she was caught in the middle of a Flash mob - which opened the show!) 

Move it show sees 29, 400 16-24 year old dancers descend on Excel in London in March 2019 and is without a doubt the perfect opportunity for brands to get their product in front of such a large audience and targeted demographic.

"Dancers are a stylish bunch. They are powerful influencers within their peer groups and are prolific users of social media. They come to MOVE IT in their droves and inject a pulse into Excel that’s tangible from the moment the doors open. Any brand aligned with MOVE IT aligns itself with a culture of fresh thinking, vibrant and influential young people. Interactive features at the show are always incredible (our visitors love to perform!). MOVE IT is a great platform to create highly sharable content resulting in social traction, data capture and ultimately sales."


The opportunities for your brand this year are plentiful... From headline sponsorship packages to having your own retailing space.  The catalogue of brand exposure opportunities will see your brand getting noticed by the entire dance industry. 

We've got so much to say about this show - it's already got us all thinking about our trainers, the outfits and our gym bods! Please get in touch with us to hear about how much each visitor spends on average, their favourite brands and the social media reach of the show! 


Drop us an email: INFO@LIDPROJECT.COM for more details of how you can get involved.

Calling all freelance event planners...




Lately we have been much more active on our social media platforms, to create collaborative opportunities as well as to share secrets. Although the majority of our work comes from face-to-face connections & referrals, we are keen to explore all avenues to meet like-minded people. We can totally see the value that can come just from a quick DM on Instagram or a comment through Linkedin. 

We believe that two heads are certainly better than one! The more we can bounce off people, sharing knowledge and recommendations - the better quality of work that’s produced for our clients. This is resulting in solid and trustworthy connections everywhere we go! 

This week particularly, we’ve run a mini ‘campaign’ which focuses on a single area - EVENTS. Events is just one the sectors which we are working in, so if you’re outside of that crowd - don’t worry, there’s plenty more (Fashion, automotive, retailing, Design, Digital marketing, IT) things going on within Lid Project. For those of you who are part of the events gang, we couldn’t resist telling you a little bit about how we do, what we do!

Director Dan was claiming to be at the height of ‘Marketing Genius’ recently when he came up with (drum role please)... ‘The Lid’le Black Book’. The creative juices were really flowing, because soon after - in the same Whattsapp flurry of activity, he also came up with “We are Lid not Lidl”.... which really has happened. 

Back to the ‘Lid’le Black book’, this really how Lid can help you make your events even more brilliant. An ever growing network of suppliers, agencies, crazy stuff and more... it’s an insight into the mind of the best people in the business.

So whether it’s a 3,000 delegate affair, a last minute thrown together opportunity, a budget underspend, B2B or B2C or a conference, exhibition, awards ceremony, launch party, catwalk or corporate training please do COME SAY HELLO. 

We get involved as little or as much as you want. A lot of the time it may just be a phone call and a recommendation. There’s no limit to our events knowledge & enthusiasm, and we love to be tested (although we’ve recently struggled with a request for ‘50 hay bails for a festival “tomorrow”’ with no budget and they only wanted to ‘borrow’ them - we actually asked a farmer we know, but his reply wasn’t Blog appropriate) 

Our network is as busy and thriving as ever so please do get in contact if you would like to know more about our idea and how we can work together - info@lidproject.com 

Alternatively connect with us on social media to be in touch with our latest opportunities...