The redesign of company workspaces to include slides and bars is nothing new, but “more than half of UK companies have no wellbeing strategy in place” for their employees – UK’s Reward & Employee Benefits Association. 

At first glance, what we do at Lid Project doesn’t appear be revolutionary – in fact it seems to be common sense and human decency. Our directors have worked for large corporate businesses and have seen some great examples of how treating your team well makes such a difference in the quality, ethic and willing that you see in return… but they have also seen plenty of bad practise too. 

At Lid Project we make sure that all of our efforts are resulting in smiles and this goes beyond treating our team with kindness and extending company perks, this is to be expected. Instead it’s about allowing team members to take control of their own development and to work towards achieving their goals and supporting them every step of the way, it’s about everyone feeling completely comfortable and cared for – healthy and energetic about their career path at the start and end of every working day. Our team could be responding to any number of Business Development enquiries from the hairdressers, a gym or their favourite coffee spot – and we’re perfectly happy with that. As we are growing our team we are bringing with us the flexibility that was applied to our business in its infancy.

We encourage a constant open dialogue and a strong element of trust within our team and this really spills over into the way that we work with our clients - something that we always notice is the element of being chosen by a client not only because of our capabilities but the feeling that we are trustworthy, and they have a certain faith in us. 

Being forward-thinking in a service-based industry requires innovation and fresh perspectives and the only way we find that this is achievable is for our employees to feel empowered and to be totally human-centred. This approach has made our clients complement our style – and is coming with us for the journey.

Gemma Noble, Director at Lid Project said: “Our style is to treat others the way we wish to be treated and this approach will never change even as we develop our business. We are building a team that we reward, in a number of flexible and uncommon ways to keep them fresh and spirited about their work life”