You may have seen us posting about an event called MOVE IT! recently. We have been getting a lot of response about it on our social platforms so we have brought it over to our blog to give you the scoop on how you can get involved. We are thrilled to be working with the organisers on their 2019 event, we attended last year and it did not disappoint - we were blown away with the talent that was showcased, but most of all the complete buzz about the place. (Gemma had been at the venue less than 30 minutes before she was caught in the middle of a Flash mob - which opened the show!) 

Move it show sees 29, 400 16-24 year old dancers descend on Excel in London in March 2019 and is without a doubt the perfect opportunity for brands to get their product in front of such a large audience and targeted demographic.

"Dancers are a stylish bunch. They are powerful influencers within their peer groups and are prolific users of social media. They come to MOVE IT in their droves and inject a pulse into Excel that’s tangible from the moment the doors open. Any brand aligned with MOVE IT aligns itself with a culture of fresh thinking, vibrant and influential young people. Interactive features at the show are always incredible (our visitors love to perform!). MOVE IT is a great platform to create highly sharable content resulting in social traction, data capture and ultimately sales."


The opportunities for your brand this year are plentiful... From headline sponsorship packages to having your own retailing space.  The catalogue of brand exposure opportunities will see your brand getting noticed by the entire dance industry. 

We've got so much to say about this show - it's already got us all thinking about our trainers, the outfits and our gym bods! Please get in touch with us to hear about how much each visitor spends on average, their favourite brands and the social media reach of the show! 


Drop us an email: INFO@LIDPROJECT.COM for more details of how you can get involved.

"How did you get there?"

Words which we often get asked by school leavers, graduates, and those considering a career change. Come to think of it - we ask each other, because it’s interesting - and we’ve all had totally different journeys! Somehow, I find passing on a little about my experience (to those who are mapping out their career plans), rewarding.

That’s why, when I recently saw a post on LinkedIn to join an event for the year 12 students of a local school to ‘Speed Network’ - I knew immediately that I’d volunteer my time to be one of the many professionals [who sat with a name badge, ready to answer questions from the curious students].

My story, has been a series of being in the ‘right place at the right time’ combined with a fair few early starts and late finishes... There’s some brilliant people who have been instrumental too!

I was honest to the students at Myton School about the importance of; making the most of every opportunity, personality and building a strong network around you - both professionally and personally.

Having not completed a full degree myself, my early career was truly shaped by my pure determination to prove to [the] disappointed parents - of a university dropout that I didn’t need the certificate, debt and three years of discussing the industry that I wanted to enter - to be successful. I am a strong believer in work experience, placements and other routes to build the knowledge you need in your chosen field.

I was fortunate enough to find myself at a New Year’s Eve party, (I’d had a break-up over Christmas so my original date was - no more). It was there a family friend talked about a potential opportunity. Which, three months and a couple of interviews later turned into a job offer. And this was the start of learning from the best, being thrown in at the deep end, international travel and fantastic people.

It is because I’ve benefited from people believing in me and having opportunities that we made the decision to at Lid Project to start giving back - offering internships and work experience placements within each of our departments. If you would like to speak with one of the team about joining us - please get in touch with us!