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We have just launched a new section on our website. Our opportunities board is now live! Here you can find advertised all of the latest opportunities and projects that we are working on within our network.

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Go and have a scroll - we will be updating on a regular basis with projects and opportunities for you to get involved. Check it out and let us know what you think!




The influx of start-up fashion brands is forever on the rise thanks to the influencer market, fast fashion and of course, the social media takeover. 

In the present day it isn’t unusual to see the vast number of emerging brands, entering the market through social media. We’re spoilt by a sea of jersey based, heavily branded product which is marketed through Instagram! Social media plays a massive part in not only getting your core values across to a huge demographic and audience, but is a way to turn your followers into paying customers. But how are these brands going to successfully stand the test of time?



Recently we met with an owner of a start up fashion brand called Its Not Over. His approach and mindset was that he wanted to resonate with every day people and understand that it doesn’t matter what people are going through and the potentially negative circumstances that they find themselves in - as long as they have life and breathe within them, ITS NOT OVER for them.

Intertwining with his fashion brand was his motivational speaking and book writing. He wanted people to hear the positive affirmation of “Its Not Over” and to ultimately be inspired and feel empowered to achieve their goals and live their dreams day by day. The whole concept was refreshing and really represents the mergence of fashion branding and social identity, illustrating that the brands that perform the best in this industry need to become an outward facing expression and extension of their consumers personality and lifestyles. In this case he wanted people to hear this message over and over through his motivational speaking…Read it through the book he has written…And feel it and see it through his clothing line every time they looked into the mirror. 

It’s not over for you. Why? Because you have another day. 



Iconic names such as outdoor clothing brand Patagonia are able to really get under the skin of their consumer. We are seeing a cycle of retailers not only acting upon the needs of the consumer, but by depicting unpredictable dialogue and becoming an informative source in the modern day, with interpretations on social and environmental issues that are evoking feeling in the consumer. It’s more about creating a lasting legacy, where they are remembered for their core values and messaging and display SUBSTANCE beyond just well design, attractive product. 

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart
— Founder, President & Creative Director, Vaute Couture

“We can't outsource our voice. It's our heart it's our soul, it's our story. It's important to ask yourself as a label “what do I have that big corporations don't?” Where do we win naturally where they will try to fake it and always fall short? This is where you have to go loud. We are here as activists who want to change the world of fashion for animals. We are currently an all female team in Brooklyn doing our best with limited resources. And it's fun and it's challenging.We find inspiration everywhere and our processes are experiments. And we love it. And this is what we
can share that a big company cannot.” 


We would love to get your take on this subject -  Do you agree that meaning and brand message is key and then the product follows? Get in touch or leave a comment below!

If you have your brand story covered but need support with the logistics and strategising - we want to hear from you! Our team has been operating in the fashion industry for years and has experienced brand development through to retail & wholesale strategy. We have experience of the big international players as well as the independent boutiques. Our little black book is an interesting culmination of Directors, Company owners, buyers and designers. We would be happy to engage with you about how to take your product to market, develop your existing accounts or train your sales and marketing team on how to get the most from your product. Should you have a product or service which needs development / promotion - we will be happy to get involved!


Calling all freelance event planners...




Lately we have been much more active on our social media platforms, to create collaborative opportunities as well as to share secrets. Although the majority of our work comes from face-to-face connections & referrals, we are keen to explore all avenues to meet like-minded people. We can totally see the value that can come just from a quick DM on Instagram or a comment through Linkedin. 

We believe that two heads are certainly better than one! The more we can bounce off people, sharing knowledge and recommendations - the better quality of work that’s produced for our clients. This is resulting in solid and trustworthy connections everywhere we go! 

This week particularly, we’ve run a mini ‘campaign’ which focuses on a single area - EVENTS. Events is just one the sectors which we are working in, so if you’re outside of that crowd - don’t worry, there’s plenty more (Fashion, automotive, retailing, Design, Digital marketing, IT) things going on within Lid Project. For those of you who are part of the events gang, we couldn’t resist telling you a little bit about how we do, what we do!

Director Dan was claiming to be at the height of ‘Marketing Genius’ recently when he came up with (drum role please)... ‘The Lid’le Black Book’. The creative juices were really flowing, because soon after - in the same Whattsapp flurry of activity, he also came up with “We are Lid not Lidl”.... which really has happened. 

Back to the ‘Lid’le Black book’, this really how Lid can help you make your events even more brilliant. An ever growing network of suppliers, agencies, crazy stuff and more... it’s an insight into the mind of the best people in the business.

So whether it’s a 3,000 delegate affair, a last minute thrown together opportunity, a budget underspend, B2B or B2C or a conference, exhibition, awards ceremony, launch party, catwalk or corporate training please do COME SAY HELLO. 

We get involved as little or as much as you want. A lot of the time it may just be a phone call and a recommendation. There’s no limit to our events knowledge & enthusiasm, and we love to be tested (although we’ve recently struggled with a request for ‘50 hay bails for a festival “tomorrow”’ with no budget and they only wanted to ‘borrow’ them - we actually asked a farmer we know, but his reply wasn’t Blog appropriate) 

Our network is as busy and thriving as ever so please do get in contact if you would like to know more about our idea and how we can work together - 

Alternatively connect with us on social media to be in touch with our latest opportunities...

What are you saying about IGTV?


What are you saying about IG TV?

IGTV launched last week in San Francisco - you might have seen the new colourful little icon with a million prompts to check out the new feature. If you haven’t, it’s basically a video hub that allows users to upload long-form videos lasting 60 minutes with the aim to steer content creators away from Youtube, keeping them on the Instagram platform.

It has channels, just like real TV – which directly correlates with all the statistics coming to light at the moment that the younger generations just aren’t watching that much TV and instead, are spending more time on their mobile devices. This platform is MOBILE FIRST and will also be available as a stand-alone app (just to let you dive deep into that Instagram addiction even more).

Forbes have reported that it is no surprise that Instagram is moving further into longer-form content. After the launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016 there has been a sharp rise in user growth and usage with active daily users going from less than 20% in October 2016 to more than 60% in September 2017 – it’s a great tool for posting additional, more personable content that you don’t want on your perfectly, strategically planned out Instagram feed. But IGTV takes the experience to another level with the idea that more engaging and emotional content will be created (R.I.P Youtube and Vimeo). 

We have seen some mixed reviews so far about IGTV… one of our favourites was somebody claiming that Instagram is run by the illuminati with a plan to take over all of our lives. 

But in conclusion, this is what we think: 

1: We LOVE Instagram and now we can create and share an even wider range of content for our existing base of followers to enjoy. We are able to use our channel to reach out to audiences for a number of existing fashion and event projects that we have coming up in a new, exciting format. 

2: IGTV will be the new love of influencers and celebrities and those that just want to create content! It is reported that IGTV will offer a link out option so creators can drive traffic to their other social platforms as well as their websites and online stores – so it really is a no brainer for people that have previously made a living from Youtube. We are intrigued to see how the influencers and branded clients that we work with will utilise this sparkling new feature. 

So, all-in-all we are team IGTV. We are soon to be launching our channel with a massively exciting project that we have been working on this year, so keep your eyes firmly on us!

The question is will you be launching your IG TV channel? Let us know if you are planning on using it/ or not and your reasons why?

If you need additional support for creating content plans for your social media - drop us a quick email on we would be happy to connect you to the social savy businesses that we work with, within our Lid Project network. 



Life of Dan

For me, if I’m not smiling, I’m not working... If I haven’t got a lunch meeting every day, I’m not doing my job properly. If you are reading this and I haven’t bought you lunch yet - then it’s you that is not doing your job properly.

For those who know me - 99% of the time I am talking absolute bollocks. But the remaining 1% I guarantee will be growing your business... Unless you are an exhibition furniture company - I am terrible at selling exhibition furniture. 

Business Growth is an easy sell. There aren’t many MD’s that would say that they are perfectly happy with where they are currently at and the offer of growth is simply not necessary or appealing.

Of course I’ve met:

...the ‘hand shake on a Friday, and leave the country on a Monday never to be seen again’ type (it must be me).

...the ‘Win a blue chip client within a week of working on the project to then have no budget to carry on’ type (it must be me).

...the ‘we provide X service in negotiations, to X, Y and Z services when sat in front of clients’ type (that definitely isn’t me)

I’ve also been asked to pay a client back after 1 month... (this still makes me laugh - I paid!) 


I’ve also met the great ones. The believers. The realistic. The patient. And for these - we have a fantastic time and deliver, together - again and again.

Lid is a network of brilliant people all pulling together - to help companies grow... ironically, (it’s a good job really) Lid Project Ltd is also growing at a ridiculous rate and the people we are getting on board are MUCH better than me (luckily it was my idea).  

So come and get amongst it!
— Dan :)