We have just launched a new section on our website. Our opportunities board is now live! Here you can find advertised all of the latest opportunities and projects that we are working on within our network.

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Go and have a scroll - we will be updating on a regular basis with projects and opportunities for you to get involved. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Life of Dan

For me, if I’m not smiling, I’m not working... If I haven’t got a lunch meeting every day, I’m not doing my job properly. If you are reading this and I haven’t bought you lunch yet - then it’s you that is not doing your job properly.

For those who know me - 99% of the time I am talking absolute bollocks. But the remaining 1% I guarantee will be growing your business... Unless you are an exhibition furniture company - I am terrible at selling exhibition furniture. 

Business Growth is an easy sell. There aren’t many MD’s that would say that they are perfectly happy with where they are currently at and the offer of growth is simply not necessary or appealing.

Of course I’ve met:

...the ‘hand shake on a Friday, and leave the country on a Monday never to be seen again’ type (it must be me).

...the ‘Win a blue chip client within a week of working on the project to then have no budget to carry on’ type (it must be me).

...the ‘we provide X service in negotiations, to X, Y and Z services when sat in front of clients’ type (that definitely isn’t me)

I’ve also been asked to pay a client back after 1 month... (this still makes me laugh - I paid!) 


I’ve also met the great ones. The believers. The realistic. The patient. And for these - we have a fantastic time and deliver, together - again and again.

Lid is a network of brilliant people all pulling together - to help companies grow... ironically, (it’s a good job really) Lid Project Ltd is also growing at a ridiculous rate and the people we are getting on board are MUCH better than me (luckily it was my idea).  

So come and get amongst it!
— Dan :)




We are essentially a network, bringing like-minded people together. We know, (through plenty of testing and measuring) that the more we are out and about - meeting and collaborating with people the more we organically grow our network ultimately building both our project and client base -  in a range of different sectors.

At every given opportunity, we are thinking of others - how we can promote other clients, the questions we can ask that lead to beneficial conversations for all parties. We are looking for the value in all discussions, on our clients behalf.  With each partnership comes a new thread of conversations that impact upon all collaborations - an opportunity to share the love!

As our business grows the sales of other organisations - we have organically been referred, recommended and re-booked. Our client base and the projects which we are working on is growing each month. It is with this in the forefront of our minds that we are adding to the Lid Project team - most recently, with Daneille Guthrie. Daneille joins us to work on all things events and new business related. She comes from a strong events background with a passion for sporting events. We are excited for everybody to meet her and to get her stuck into our existing projects!

If you would like to know more about how your business can slot into our network, get in touch today at


"How did you get there?"

Words which we often get asked by school leavers, graduates, and those considering a career change. Come to think of it - we ask each other, because it’s interesting - and we’ve all had totally different journeys! Somehow, I find passing on a little about my experience (to those who are mapping out their career plans), rewarding.

That’s why, when I recently saw a post on LinkedIn to join an event for the year 12 students of a local school to ‘Speed Network’ - I knew immediately that I’d volunteer my time to be one of the many professionals [who sat with a name badge, ready to answer questions from the curious students].

My story, has been a series of being in the ‘right place at the right time’ combined with a fair few early starts and late finishes... There’s some brilliant people who have been instrumental too!

I was honest to the students at Myton School about the importance of; making the most of every opportunity, personality and building a strong network around you - both professionally and personally.

Having not completed a full degree myself, my early career was truly shaped by my pure determination to prove to [the] disappointed parents - of a university dropout that I didn’t need the certificate, debt and three years of discussing the industry that I wanted to enter - to be successful. I am a strong believer in work experience, placements and other routes to build the knowledge you need in your chosen field.

I was fortunate enough to find myself at a New Year’s Eve party, (I’d had a break-up over Christmas so my original date was - no more). It was there a family friend talked about a potential opportunity. Which, three months and a couple of interviews later turned into a job offer. And this was the start of learning from the best, being thrown in at the deep end, international travel and fantastic people.

It is because I’ve benefited from people believing in me and having opportunities that we made the decision to at Lid Project to start giving back - offering internships and work experience placements within each of our departments. If you would like to speak with one of the team about joining us - please get in touch with us!


The redesign of company workspaces to include slides and bars is nothing new, but “more than half of UK companies have no wellbeing strategy in place” for their employees – UK’s Reward & Employee Benefits Association. 

At first glance, what we do at Lid Project doesn’t appear be revolutionary – in fact it seems to be common sense and human decency. Our directors have worked for large corporate businesses and have seen some great examples of how treating your team well makes such a difference in the quality, ethic and willing that you see in return… but they have also seen plenty of bad practise too. 

At Lid Project we make sure that all of our efforts are resulting in smiles and this goes beyond treating our team with kindness and extending company perks, this is to be expected. Instead it’s about allowing team members to take control of their own development and to work towards achieving their goals and supporting them every step of the way, it’s about everyone feeling completely comfortable and cared for – healthy and energetic about their career path at the start and end of every working day. Our team could be responding to any number of Business Development enquiries from the hairdressers, a gym or their favourite coffee spot – and we’re perfectly happy with that. As we are growing our team we are bringing with us the flexibility that was applied to our business in its infancy.

We encourage a constant open dialogue and a strong element of trust within our team and this really spills over into the way that we work with our clients - something that we always notice is the element of being chosen by a client not only because of our capabilities but the feeling that we are trustworthy, and they have a certain faith in us. 

Being forward-thinking in a service-based industry requires innovation and fresh perspectives and the only way we find that this is achievable is for our employees to feel empowered and to be totally human-centred. This approach has made our clients complement our style – and is coming with us for the journey.

Gemma Noble, Director at Lid Project said: “Our style is to treat others the way we wish to be treated and this approach will never change even as we develop our business. We are building a team that we reward, in a number of flexible and uncommon ways to keep them fresh and spirited about their work life”