Short and sweet.

Right to the point.

Here at Lid Project, we’re not about beating around the bush.

So, if you’re a fashion, lifestyle or accessories brand or business and your target demographic is age 16-28 years we would LOVE to speak with you!


We’re linked with an ever-growing number of prosperous events and promote the opportunities within these, including (but not limited to); sponsorship, brand exposure, consumer engagement and product placement. We are on the lookout for brands that are thinking outside the marketing box, are mixing it up this year and wanting to dip a toe or jump right in to something different!

We know each and every one of you has different requirements, but take a look below and if any of these sound up your street we may just have a fantastic event to get you involved with:

  • Is your target market specifically or solely students?

  • Are you looking for exposure within the dance market for your product?

  • Would you say that people with a keen interest in fitness and healthy living are the demographic for your product?

  • Is your brand a must-have for street dance enthusiasts?

  • Is your tech creation going to tickle the fancy of Millennials or Generation Z?

We would enjoy nothing more than making our network work hard for you. Let’s start things with a chat and see if your next product launch, marketing campaign or consumer engagement activities would benefit from one of the brilliant upcoming events that we’re working on.

Head over to our social media @lidproject to see where we are and what we’re up to and our website will be able to give you any further information you require about Lid Project: