Having spoken with the Chair of Miss Macaroon’s board on a handful of occasions, Gemma had the privilege of being invited to join the board members and a selection of other individuals for an afternoon dedicated to planning. Hot topic of discussion - BUSINESS GROWTH for Miss Macaroon’s Social Enterprise.

There was something about the enterprise which truly grabbed Gemma’s attention from the get go. Instantly charmed by the truly inspiring story of Miss Macaroon (and not purely down to her sweet tooth...) her initial research left her hungry for further knowledge and she had an overwhelming want to become a part of what they are currently achieving and aspiring to.

What do they do?

Miss Macaroon produce the most divine Macaroons we’ve had the opportunity to see and taste! They use innovative technology to offer a unique Pantone colour-matching service - allowing brands and clients to perfectly colour match their macaroons to a specified colour scheme along with the ability to print images and logos on the sweet treats, all with a touch of luxury due to their ‘quality ingredients and Michelin starred experience and machinery.’

We’re not sugar-coating them, take a look for yourselves, Miss Macaroon can be found online at www.missmacaroon.co.uk, or, you can drop in and visit their adorable store in the bustling Great Western Arcade


What sets them apart?

Currently, they may just sound like a pâtisserie - but there are FAR more facets to this enterprise than initially meets the eye.

Founder of Miss Macaroon - Rosie Ginday wanted to incorporate both her love and experience as a high-end pastry chef with offering opportunities to those who’ve previously been overlooked. Rosie has set up training courses ‘MacsMAD - Macaroons that Make A Difference,’ specifically curated for young people, up to the age of 35 who have found themselves in a period of long-term unemployment for reasons such as; mental health issues, homelessness, leaving care, etc.

ALL profits generated from the business are invested directly back into the courses which span 8 weeks and bring candidates up to speed on all aspects of employment within the workplace. Individuals are mentored by previous successful participants of the course, have access to the production kitchen and the macaroon and prosecco bar to refine their skills and build confidence within a work environment. On completion, trainees leave well equipped for the world of work; with their five year plan, up to date CV, extensive interview practice, industry contacts and help to apply for jobs. Personally, we think these courses are invaluable!

Our Miss Macaroon experience:

Upon arrival at the HQ, a vast unit in Aston containing both the kitchen and offices, Gemma was greeted by the friendly, accommodating and efficient team. With the event being publicised, social media details were noted and snaps taken throughout the day - Gemma could not be more thrilled to be involved in such an inspirational cause and the networking commenced! News travels fast, especially when a sweet treat is involved, we had been tipped off that a macaroon or two were on offer in return for everyone's participation throughout the day. Rosie (Miss Macaroon Founder) presented beverages and delectable, metallic macaroons - all of which are Gluten Free, to begin with during our time of open networking, the perfect bite-size treat for mingling.

Gemma joined the BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT / SALES & MOVING FORWARD WITH FRIENDS sessions and was only too keen to help impart knowledge of wholesale, brand, product to market experience, expertise in B2B corporate sales, along with a wealth of knowledge in sales team leadership, targeting, motivating and getting the best out of staff.

A brief introduction of both personal and professional backgrounds to the group enabled Gemma to speak fondly about how grateful she is to this day for the opportunities she was given, especially in the early stages of her career.

Later in the day, a mid-session break included an array of appetising offerings. We were chuffed to find out we, along with the 20 strong group, were being treated to some innovative delights from the new menu; passion fruit & mango macaroons, focaccia, brie & basil finger sandwiches and two decadent flavours of flower-topped, mini sponge cakes to choose from, not such a piece of cake when the decision is between rich chocolate or coffee & walnut!

We also enjoyed sampling produce from like minded social enterprises that Rosie has formed valued partnerships with; specialty coffee roastery - Redemption Roasters @redemptionroasters, London’s Forty Hall Vineyard @fhvlondon and Rejuce’s cold press fruit and veg juice drinks @rejuce.

The afternoon closed with Champagne and a box of 6 macaroons to take away (whether any of these would make it back to the rest of Team Lid was another story…)

Gemma is utterly delighted to have been officially asked to be a trusted advisor for the Board of Directors at Miss Macaroon, an opportunity she seized with both hands and is very much looking forward to supporting the next stage of growth for the organisation.

So, you want to support Miss Macaroon?

There’s a whole host of options to help make a difference!:

  • Sponsor one of the training sessions - a member of your team can be part of the training team if you’d like!

  • Corporate gifts, catered events, & marketing / promotional edibles.

  • Special day: wedding, baby shower, birthday parties

  • Wholesale opportunities – would your customer LOVE a colourful bite? Hotels, coffee shops, Salons, delicatessens

If you would like Gemma to join your senior management team for a day of strategic planning, budgeting and sales team targeting – get in touch with us on:


Or read about us: www.lidproject.com/ services / sales management.