The Growth Is Real

What started as a relatively small lineup, is growing from strength to strength - every month, and each time we bring a new member into our team we do a little *happy dance*. 


We’re grateful for the successes so far and consider ourselves very lucky to be working amongst such a variety of people from a multitude of industries. It’s the melting pot of personalities, locations and backgrounds that keeps us both fascinated and entertained! 


We are thrilled to be welcoming James Mooney into our network. He has without a doubt, seen the fashion industry block and has a wealth of knowledge. James will be further extending our network and bringing a fresh dimension to our current offering. 


James Mooney has a strong fashion background having held positions such as:

  • Director of Merchandising - Primark

  • Business Development Consultant - ShangPin

  • Trading Director - TOPSHOP TOPMAN

  • Merchandise Director - TOPSHOP TOPMAN

Impressed? So are we!


This is a poignant time for Lid Project and we, as a collective are so excited! Constantly striving to reach new levels within the business - after all, this is what we do for our clients each, and every day!


You can link with James here and if you’d like to get involved with the Lid team (in any capacity) - we always love hearing from you. Please send any queries and questions to