SALES TEAM MANAGEMENT is one of the services which we offer to clients who have a sales team in place within their business.

As well as (our other sales services) new business generation, introductions and networking on clients behalf, we also get involved with businesses who have an in house sales and marketing team.

The types of work we carry out for these clients includes anything from running regular training, mentoring and management of their people. We work with the key company stakeholders and ensure that their team is producing the highest level of activity possible, with the best customer service levels in a structured and organised manner. We do this by running regular one to ones, setting goals, measuring results against targets and implementing incentive schemes to reward the hard work.

We use the expertise we have gained from heading up account management and support teams within large corporate businesses, and managing considerable annual budgets to shape the style of our approach when slotting into a new client to lead their sales departments.

Immersing ourselves in the detail of the business is crucial – early on in the process we get stuck into the entire critical path. Along the way we are challenging the current structure and making suggestions for improvement. These suggestions include; helping to organise & run team building events and conferences, working with a recruitment partner to bring fresh talent into the team, standardising the structure of a week by agreeing meetings / tasks and reviewing customer satisfaction.


This week some of our activities for one particular client has included:

  1. “Let’s talk about the resistance you hear from your buyers, and explore how we can add further value to the service you are providing them” – This session was for an hour with 6 participants. Lid Project played the sales person - they played the buyers, in quick fire role playing!!

  2. “The aim of today is to PROMOTE! To shout about all the new product. Thinking outside of the box, being personal and reaching out” – This was an all-day activity, time blocks meant that the whole day was structured and effective. The entire team was focussed on a single task, and distractions were avoided throughout.

  3. “Let’s add to the team - let us know the job title and salary, we will advertise the positions, shortlist applications, invite for interview and join the panel. I’ll get the template for questions over to you shortly”

We report up to board level and are on hand for the owners / directors to call upon us for additional ideas and opinions over the course of our contract. We become a mid-level of Management within our clients businesses. Holding their teams accountable for achieving the desired results, whilst building strong relationships with the individuals to ensure that they are getting what they need in terms of development and support.

If you would like to discuss anything sales related with our team – please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re all about learning, networking and sharing!

Ideas welcomed, Questions Valued
— Lid Project