Dubai - that’s a wrap!

After the success of our Amsterdam trip we decided to pop across to the UAE and put some feelers out in Dubai on behalf of our clients. The aim of this trip: CONNECT, NETWORK & SEEK OPPORTUNITIES. With flights booked, exhibition tickets reserved and 3 days clear in the diary for meetings and networking, Gemma was set to do what she does best in UK - this time with a slight change of scenery and a welcomed, warmer climate.

Gemma is becoming a seasoned traveller to UAE, having worked frequently with businesses in the Middle East over the past few years through a number of different sources, be it; franchise partners, license holders, department stores and online retailers. To name a few:

  • Al Khayyat Investments (AKI)

  • Majid Al Futtaim Group

  • Harvey Nichols

  • Namshi


This trip was particularly stand out and a notable milestone for 2019 - the FIRST time to Dubai for Lid Project and certainly not the last!

Prior to leaving the UK, we had six meetings booked in the diary with a number of TBC’s for Gemma’s arrival.

We love to pick memorable and inspiring locations to enable us to get the most out of our meetings and after Amsterdam’s remarkable offerings we were not disappointed with our Dubai selections.

We were lucky to use Address Dubai Marina as the base for the majority of our meetings – a superb waterfront location with inspiring views over the world’s largest man-made marina.

Along with Tashas, offering a simplistic and minimalist interior, and a FABULOUS menu, the expansive and grand Four Seasons Jumeirah and Baker&Spice, the sustainable restaurant offering locally sourced, artisan cooking.

In total, Gemma attended 9 meetings, further expanding Lid Project’s network by connecting with 20 new companies and with 6 follow up discussions on the cards to have about business development.

Gemma had the opportunity to liaise with an eclectic mix of businesses offering a host of different expertise:  

  • Corporate & Incentive travel

  • UAE retail consulting

  • Event design / project management

  • Homeware product

  • Interior design

  • GCC sustainability

  • Franchise operator

  • Luxury fashion product

  • Inventory management

A number of exhibitions including Seamless Middle East 2019 and International Apparel and Textile Fair were dotted throughout the diary and attended - proving to be highly useful, not only from a networking standpoint, but also hugely beneficial in providing us with insight and learnings to use in client reports.

Whilst in the Middle East, time waits for no one and the cogs have been continuously turning in the UK. Client projects progressing at pace, new opportunities raising their head and the team at Lid Project always happy to pick up the phone or respond to the emails dropping in the inbox of people inquiring as to how Lid Project can support the next stage of sales growth.



Short and sweet.

Right to the point.

Here at Lid Project, we’re not about beating around the bush.

So, if you’re a fashion, lifestyle or accessories brand or business and your target demographic is age 16-28 years we would LOVE to speak with you!


We’re linked with an ever-growing number of prosperous events and promote the opportunities within these, including (but not limited to); sponsorship, brand exposure, consumer engagement and product placement. We are on the lookout for brands that are thinking outside the marketing box, are mixing it up this year and wanting to dip a toe or jump right in to something different!

We know each and every one of you has different requirements, but take a look below and if any of these sound up your street we may just have a fantastic event to get you involved with:

  • Is your target market specifically or solely students?

  • Are you looking for exposure within the dance market for your product?

  • Would you say that people with a keen interest in fitness and healthy living are the demographic for your product?

  • Is your brand a must-have for street dance enthusiasts?

  • Is your tech creation going to tickle the fancy of Millennials or Generation Z?

We would enjoy nothing more than making our network work hard for you. Let’s start things with a chat and see if your next product launch, marketing campaign or consumer engagement activities would benefit from one of the brilliant upcoming events that we’re working on.

Head over to our social media @lidproject to see where we are and what we’re up to and our website will be able to give you any further information you require about Lid Project:


Founded in 2015, Lid Project, the brainchild of Dan and Gemma, is fundamentally a network. Our expertise lie predominantly in operating sales & marketing services but with the knowledge and proficiency of our trusted connections we can certainly deliver a first class, ‘plug in’ sales team to our clients.

We pride ourselves on knowing the right people, in the right places and recently it dawned on us - if we’re doing this so successfully within the UK why don’t we grow our network and outreach internationally too

Whilst on that train (of thought) and after a glance at the diary and a little logistical planning, we had flights booked for a day trip to Amsterdam - we’re all for seizing the moment. International expansion, here we come! “Time to fill” featured in the diary for the day of our visit. We began contacting both business owners and directors, with LinkedIn being our preferred port of call, explaining what it is we do - and how we can be utilised to go about generating work on behalf of others. After just a couple of days our diary was completely booked out for the day - note to self, overnight trip required for next Amsterdam visit!

Our aim and agenda for the meetings:
It may seem simple, but our first question always asked is; “what are you working on that needs additional resource?” This isn’t about us pushing or selling our service, this is an opportunity for us to listen and understand. We can gain a clearer picture of exactly where others could benefit from an introduction to one of our tried and trusted partnerships. We eliminate the risk of time wasters or people who don’t live up to expectations and are eager to introduce you to some of Lid Project’s contacts from our little black book, think; website, SEO, event production, venue sourcing, videography, social media management - the list goes on!

We arranged our meetings within the easily accessible Amsterdam-Centrum neighbourhood. Cecconi’s Amsterdam, located in the 1930s Bungehuis building on the Singel canal ( and Café-Restaurant De Plantage, a 19th century, recently refurbished conservatory - now an airy and bustling cafe ( After a few pots of mint tea, substantial quantity of sparkling water and a number of coffees had been consumed we’d formed some fantastic INTERNATIONAL connections who we cannot wait to meet again and discuss further with. They’ve been added to the ever-growing, increasingly illustrious, little black book of Lid Project.

Homeward bound after a chock-a-block day. Reflecting on numerous opportunities to follow up on, a second discussion booked in, a new client project to start working on and a return trip penciled in, AMSTERDAM - we’re certainly coming for you, especially with exciting talk of a pop-up office space on the cards!

We’ll be back in Amsterdam for our overnight trip, as promised! If you would like to find out how we can become your sales team, support your sales & marketing functions or for us to listen out for opportunities for you, then get in touch with us. We’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to see you in Amsterdam on the 8th OR 9th May.


For those of you further afield who may be interested in our international expansion we’ve also set our sights outside of Europe and Dubai is on the horizon. With a week of meetings and events booked in - keep an eye on our social media to see what we are getting up to, and watch this space for the UAE write up in a few weeks. Current availability for Dubai meetings is; 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th April so pop us an email and we’ll schedule you in.

A small sample of our services include:

  • Key account management

  • Sales team leadership

  • New business development

  • Social media, digital marketing packages

For the full list, please follow:



Having spoken with the Chair of Miss Macaroon’s board on a handful of occasions, Gemma had the privilege of being invited to join the board members and a selection of other individuals for an afternoon dedicated to planning. Hot topic of discussion - BUSINESS GROWTH for Miss Macaroon’s Social Enterprise.

There was something about the enterprise which truly grabbed Gemma’s attention from the get go. Instantly charmed by the truly inspiring story of Miss Macaroon (and not purely down to her sweet tooth...) her initial research left her hungry for further knowledge and she had an overwhelming want to become a part of what they are currently achieving and aspiring to.

What do they do?

Miss Macaroon produce the most divine Macaroons we’ve had the opportunity to see and taste! They use innovative technology to offer a unique Pantone colour-matching service - allowing brands and clients to perfectly colour match their macaroons to a specified colour scheme along with the ability to print images and logos on the sweet treats, all with a touch of luxury due to their ‘quality ingredients and Michelin starred experience and machinery.’

We’re not sugar-coating them, take a look for yourselves, Miss Macaroon can be found online at, or, you can drop in and visit their adorable store in the bustling Great Western Arcade


What sets them apart?

Currently, they may just sound like a pâtisserie - but there are FAR more facets to this enterprise than initially meets the eye.

Founder of Miss Macaroon - Rosie Ginday wanted to incorporate both her love and experience as a high-end pastry chef with offering opportunities to those who’ve previously been overlooked. Rosie has set up training courses ‘MacsMAD - Macaroons that Make A Difference,’ specifically curated for young people, up to the age of 35 who have found themselves in a period of long-term unemployment for reasons such as; mental health issues, homelessness, leaving care, etc.

ALL profits generated from the business are invested directly back into the courses which span 8 weeks and bring candidates up to speed on all aspects of employment within the workplace. Individuals are mentored by previous successful participants of the course, have access to the production kitchen and the macaroon and prosecco bar to refine their skills and build confidence within a work environment. On completion, trainees leave well equipped for the world of work; with their five year plan, up to date CV, extensive interview practice, industry contacts and help to apply for jobs. Personally, we think these courses are invaluable!

Our Miss Macaroon experience:

Upon arrival at the HQ, a vast unit in Aston containing both the kitchen and offices, Gemma was greeted by the friendly, accommodating and efficient team. With the event being publicised, social media details were noted and snaps taken throughout the day - Gemma could not be more thrilled to be involved in such an inspirational cause and the networking commenced! News travels fast, especially when a sweet treat is involved, we had been tipped off that a macaroon or two were on offer in return for everyone's participation throughout the day. Rosie (Miss Macaroon Founder) presented beverages and delectable, metallic macaroons - all of which are Gluten Free, to begin with during our time of open networking, the perfect bite-size treat for mingling.

Gemma joined the BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT / SALES & MOVING FORWARD WITH FRIENDS sessions and was only too keen to help impart knowledge of wholesale, brand, product to market experience, expertise in B2B corporate sales, along with a wealth of knowledge in sales team leadership, targeting, motivating and getting the best out of staff.

A brief introduction of both personal and professional backgrounds to the group enabled Gemma to speak fondly about how grateful she is to this day for the opportunities she was given, especially in the early stages of her career.

Later in the day, a mid-session break included an array of appetising offerings. We were chuffed to find out we, along with the 20 strong group, were being treated to some innovative delights from the new menu; passion fruit & mango macaroons, focaccia, brie & basil finger sandwiches and two decadent flavours of flower-topped, mini sponge cakes to choose from, not such a piece of cake when the decision is between rich chocolate or coffee & walnut!

We also enjoyed sampling produce from like minded social enterprises that Rosie has formed valued partnerships with; specialty coffee roastery - Redemption Roasters @redemptionroasters, London’s Forty Hall Vineyard @fhvlondon and Rejuce’s cold press fruit and veg juice drinks @rejuce.

The afternoon closed with Champagne and a box of 6 macaroons to take away (whether any of these would make it back to the rest of Team Lid was another story…)

Gemma is utterly delighted to have been officially asked to be a trusted advisor for the Board of Directors at Miss Macaroon, an opportunity she seized with both hands and is very much looking forward to supporting the next stage of growth for the organisation.

So, you want to support Miss Macaroon?

There’s a whole host of options to help make a difference!:

  • Sponsor one of the training sessions - a member of your team can be part of the training team if you’d like!

  • Corporate gifts, catered events, & marketing / promotional edibles.

  • Special day: wedding, baby shower, birthday parties

  • Wholesale opportunities – would your customer LOVE a colourful bite? Hotels, coffee shops, Salons, delicatessens

If you would like Gemma to join your senior management team for a day of strategic planning, budgeting and sales team targeting – get in touch with us on:

Or read about us: services / sales management.

MOVE IT 2019


It’s been a week since MOVE IT 2019 at ExCel London and it’s safe to say the buzz around the event still has not worn off!

We should start by saying Gemma Noble, our MD, had the pleasure of attending the show after working closely with the organisers on brand sponsorships and to say the opportunities are endless is an understatement!

Gemma, a self proclaimed NON DANCER (even known to avoid the dancefloor at weddings…) could not help but feel overwhelmingly privileged and inspired, even more so than her first visit in 2018. Take a quick peek and we’re sure you’ll understand why...  watch the highlights video here:

En route to ExCel London, the sea of athleisure wear was forced upon Gemma, this was no coincidence. The message was only reinforced, when she saw people dancing on the train platforms, an Instagram-worthy sight! “There’s people dancing on the overground platforms…. We know MOVE IT is coming!”

2019 is the 14th consecutive year for the MOVE IT show organisers. Over 30,000 dance-mad fans flooded the venue across the 3 day event - a brief breakdown of figures; a staggering 90% of total visitors were female and overall, 35% were aged 16-30 years and 15% under 14 years. These numbers contributed to a sea of pristine new trainers, perfectly made-up faces and accessorised outfits - we can’t even begin to imagine the quantity of hair styling products used! The sports/athleisure products were endless and with such a captive audience present, spending on average a whopping 9 hours at MOVE IT, the event was GREAT for the 200+ brands & retailers to be able to take centre stage and showcase new product, personalisation and launching into the dance market!

Fully immersed in the air of success and knowing everyone has their own unique story Gemma was keen to mingle. She was lucky enough to get talking to a 13 year old girl,  whose 120 mile journey down to London had started bright and early at 6am with her Mum. Shout out to @ashleighcranexx, this was her third year running visiting MOVE IT. Ashleigh exuded focus and drive, her goal - to dance professionally in LA! She is working hard to build a social media following, and welcomes brand ambassador roles for dance related products.

On to what we managed to see of the the jam-packed programme! London Studio Centre (LSC) a school for Performing Arts were first to take to the Main Stage, followed by an endless stream of captivating dance troupes and soloists. You could catch a glimpse of Strictly’s Neil & Katya Jones on the Iconic Main Stage or head over to Gemma’s favourite stage - Move It Fashion Stage which exhibited over 20 brand’s collections and held a talent search for Brand Ambassadors. If you had been inspired watching the Freestyle Stage which gave people the chance to display their individually choreographed routines and fancied demonstrating your skills or trying something a bit different you could also partake in some of the taster classes and seminars on offer or work on your coordination on the Roller Rink! Finally, as the day drew to a close we caught a glimpse of MOVE IT’s newest display; Move It After Dark Festival & Workshop featuring the viral ‘The Royal Family’ dance crew, not only showcasing their signature moves but also offering a masterclass to whet the appetite of potential future members!

The talent witnessed was simply jaw-dropping, the attention to detail in the costumes was eye-watering and the music was empowering, it even got Gemma’s feet tapping on numerous occasions, success!

Next year will be MOVE IT’s 15th Anniversary so save the date: 13-15 March 2020, we are expecting BIG things! We’ve RSVP’d and we’d love to hear if you will be there too. Everything else you need to know can be found